Looking for a Caucasian actor

기간: 2019/02/10~2019/02/11
단체: Personal Procject
문의: 010-9145-8564
장소: Digital Media City




This is Michael from Los Angeles, professional filmmaker in Korea.

Seeking for a Caucasian actor.

Planning to shoot for a small promotion video about Chungju City.

Here is what I am thinking about.

Synopsis: A man has a backpack trip in Chungju walking around nature and city.

It's payable. One and half days shooting in Chungju. Just feel free like having a trip.

I will give a ride for you. Attached reference photos.

Please, send me your photo and short biography including nationality.

Email: jbjnjm@gmail.com

Thank you

  • 방송
  • MichaelKim
  • 2019/02/05
  • 외국인,외국남자,백인,Caucasian


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